Internal and external inspections

Quality assurance according to standards and customer specifications

Components manufactured by Stahlkontor often have to withstand maximum possible loads – the significance of a consistently high quality of the components is therefore correspondingly large. Along with its management system certified to EN 9100 (includes all requirements according to ISO 9001), Stahlkontor also has extensive industry-specific approvals for special procedures and processes.


Stahlkontor provides both the personnel as well as extensive technical QA installations for quality assurance. For example, among others we use the following special equipment and process for testing materials and components:

  • Laser trackers and measuring arms for 3D-measurement of large and complex molded parts (Leica)
  • Scanning equipment for fast geometry testing of 2D components and blanks (VQC)
  • Nondestructive testing: Visual testing VT according DIN EN 13018/ DIN EN ISO 17637
  • Nondestructive testing: Dye penetrant testing PT according DIN EN ISO 3452
  • Nondestructive testing: Magnetic particle testing MT according DIN EN ISO 9934
  • Stationary hardness testing equipment for hardness testing according to Brinell/ Rockwell/Vickers


Further internal workshop inspections:

  • Mobile hardness testing using Webster hardness testing pliers
  • Ultrasound thickness measurements
  • Electrical conductivity measurements
  • Layer thickness measurements


Supplementary to our own QA capacities, we also use independent testing institutes and external technical facilities where necessary for the testing of pre-materials and components – for example for extended material tests, US and radiographic testing or geometry testing.