Tailor-made service performances

Logistics from storage to transport

As a convenient and economical addition to our quality production, we are able to offer you a whole range of logistical service performances:


Materials management

Stahlkontor stores materials to customer order and, if requested, also takes over the complete management of the stock as well as the production of blanks and delivery of raw materials.

In addition, we are also pleased to set up consignment warehouses for our customers from where it is then possible to manufacture and supply components at short notice.

At customer request, we are currently managing warehouses that exceed a volume of 5,000 t of raw materials.

Assurance of batch retraceability, stock controls and precise consumption charging go without saying as part of our service range.



On request, Stahlkontor picks individual parts, component groups and assembly kits including documentation and supplies this to you in a form suitable for direct reprocessing. Naturally, in the event of series orders we also support you with the construction of circuit pallets and special load carriers for optimized storage and safe transport.


Packaging and Transport

Our services for the shipping process:


  • Packaging and dispatch in accordance with customer specifications
  • Appointment of hauliers and parcel services
  • Export handling including preparation of all documents
  • Deliveries synchronized to production (just-in-time)
  • Planning of special transport