Cutting by laser, water jet, milling

Material- and application-specific processes


Water-jet cutting

Stahlkontor has seven high-powered CO2 laser machines including a 3D laser processing machine with 7000 Watt output for XXL formats. The machines are partly fitted with 3D processing heads so that not only 90° cuts (2D cutting) are possible but also components with angled edges/bevels (2.5D cutting) and processing on spatially formed parts (3D cutting) can be carried out.

  • Material working sizes up to 4500 x 12000 mm
  • Material thicknesses up to 25 mm in laserable material grades (25 mm construction steel, 20 mm oxide-free stainless steel)


Water-jet cutting

As a “cold” cutting process, water-jet cutting is particularly suitable for the processing of heat-sensitive materials. Where conventional cutting processes have reached their limits is where this method frequently offers a technical and financially optimum alternative.


Stahlkontor has seven high-pressure water-jet cutting systems for both pure-water as well as abrasive water-jet cutting and pressures up to 6200 bar. Up to 4 cutting heads can be operated on a parallel basis depending on component geometry. With additional axes in the cutting head, 90° cuts (2D processing), bevel cuts (2.5D) and spatial processing (3D) are possible.

  • Material working sizes up to 5000 x 12000 mm and special sizes exceeding this
  • Material thicknesses up to 200 mm, in individual cases even larger
  • Individual metal sheet weights up to 10 t


Our 5-axis, CNC portal water-jet cutting system is specially designed for 3D cutting of large, spatially formed components. The max. working range is approx. 1500 x 5000 x 6000 mm.


Contour milling

Stahlkontor uses contour milling for the purpose of cutting easily workable materials such as aluminum and plastics. An end mill rotating at very high speed acts as cutting tool in this case (High Speed Cutting) and cuts the component out of the panel-form prematerial by means of a CNC-controlled path movement – the “contour milling”.


With our CNC-controlled HSC mill, we are able to process:


  • Material working sizes up to 2000 x 3000 mm
  • Material thicknesses up to 600 mm (aluminum/plastic)


From individual part to series component

Irrespective of the respective process being used, Stahlkontor is able on demand to supply you with individual parts to periodically requested long-running series components. Irrespective of the variety of cuts, our CAD-supported nesting ensures optimum material utilization.