Compression molding

Bending with great force

It is not without reason that the cold-forming of high-strength materials is described in the metal industry as art or even magic. A great deal of technical skill, coupled with a wealth of experience, is necessary in order to be able to achieve precision edges on steel over great lengths.

Stahlkontor has the necessary long-term experience in bending high-strength materials for the widest variety of technical applications.

A wide variety of bending presses are used depending on the task on hand: Pressing forces of up to 4,000 tonnes are available for special applications and large thicknesses. Bending presses up to 22 meters in tandem arrangement are used for large edge lengths.


Magicians in our network

In order to be able to fulfil the varied requirements of our customers in cold-forming, we use not only our inhouse skills but also those of our regular partner companies. Particularly in the sector of cold-forming, our supply chain management has been able to build up a partner network over the years with which we are able to meet any challenges that our customers can present us with. The network consists primarily of small family businesses that have a passion for developing solutions in conjunction with Stahlkontor. These businesses have the skills that it is very difficult to find on the market – simply real magicians!