Achieving the finished product together as partners

As part of extended component and component group assembly, Stahlkontor presents itself to its customers as an elongated workbench. As a result of our highly discerning group of customers, we are completely familiar with the highest level of quality demands in a product environment characterized by standards and special demands.

We also apply this know-how to the production of complex, ready-to-install component groups which we assemble not only on the basis of own designs but also according to customer specifications under the use of third-party components. Along with the mechanical assembly of component groups, we can also fall back on our experience in bonding. Our specialist bonding engineers are pleased to work together with our customers to develop efficient and purposeful bonding processes.

 Naturally, we will be pleased to be at your disposal with our widespread experience, as well as for the production-related and functional optimization of your components and, together with you, take the path to a better, safer and more economical product.


Advantages of assembly outsourcing at Stahlkontor 

  • Binding cost basis
  • Flexibility through the use of the Stahlkontor network
  • Optimization potential for quality and functionality
  • Minimization of warehouse stock
  • Just-in-time or just-in-sequence supply with ready-to-install modules
  • Savings in the areas of procurement, disposition, logistics, quality assurance
  • Savings in training and qualification of employees