Stahlkontor is certified according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 to carry out welding for defense technology, rolling stock, as well as plant construction and mechanical engineering and has licenses from the German Federal Authority for Defense Technology according to DIN 2303-Q2/Q3 BK1 (welding of defense-technology products), TL 2350-0003 (armored bodies), the certificate according to DIN EN 15085 -2 CL1 (welding of rolling stock and parts thereof) and EN 1090 -1 to -3 EXC 3 (welding certificate for the production of steel and aluminum bearing structures).

We offer the following services:

“Conventional welding techniques”

  • MAG/MIG and WIG-welding processes (for use in the field of high-strength, fine-grained construction steels, construction steels, stainless steels and aluminum)
  • Orbital MAG/MIG processes
  • Capacitor-discharge and drawn-arc stud welding

CO2-Laser-beam welding


  • Profile welding up to a length of 12 meters
  • Butt welding (linear) of oversized blanks
  • Butt welding (linear/non-linear) of tailored welded blanks/(TWB)
  • Constructional welding with the laser-beam (flat/spatial)

Laser hybrid welding

The laser hybrid welding process is a combination of the MAG/MIG and the CO2 laser-beam welding processes. This integrated technology combines the benefits of both welding processes and makes deep welding penetration possible at high welding speeds. The result is a low level of thermal load on the raw material. The process is particularly suited for the production of laser-welded profiles.