In use, the components we produce often have to satisfy the most stringent demands. Assuring their quality is therefore of great importance. Alongside a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and EN 9100:2009, Stahlkontor has extensive industry specific licenses for special treatments and processes. Our ability to provide quality assurance is documented by the number of our specialist personnel and the technical quality assurance facilities we have put in place. The following are just a few of the pieces of equipment we use to test materials and components:

  • Laser tracker for the 3D-measurement of large parts with complex shapes (Leica)
  • Scanning equipment for the rapid assessment of the geometry of 2D components and blanks (VQC)
  • Equipment for crack-testing at welding seams and reshaped components
    - Magnetic testing system (conventional alternating and direct current pulse processes) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9934-1
    - Dye penetration test in accordance with DIN EN 571-2
  • Stationary hardness testers to test hardness in accordance with Brinell/Rockwell/Vickers

Additional workshop tests:

  • Mobile hardness test using a Webster gauge
  • Ultrasonic (US) thickness measurements
  • Electrical conductivity measurements
  • Coating thickness measurements

In addition to our own QA capacity, we also make use of independent institutions and testing authorities, if the need arises, in order to test primary materials and components, for example in the case of material tests, US and radiography tests, testing of geometrical features etc.