Stahlkontor carries out further processing both in-house and in cooperation with specialist partners.

By sharing work with a network of partner companies, we can constantly offer our customers first-class technology and cost efficiency. In addition to machining processes (milling, boring and sanding), in cooperation with our network, we also carry out shaping (bending and edging) without machining, welding (various processes) and numerous surface treatments (blasting and coating). Try out our wide range of options in the supply of fully machined components and assemblies. 

Machining processes

The tasks here range from simple prefabrication of welding bevels to the finishing of technically demanding structural parts and assembly groups made of high-strength, metallic materials.

We use either our own machines or those of a network partner for machine processing. The machining facilities of our network make it possible to produce single and multiple parts economically, and to process sophisticated, complex large components.

Shaping without machining

Stahlkontor has many years of experience in the bending of high-strength materials for a wide range of technical applications.

Depending on the task at hand, various bending presses are used:

Pressures of up to 4,000 tons are available for extremely hard or very thick materials.

For very long edges, bending presses of up to 22 meters in length can be used in tandem.

Surface treatment

We carry out all required surface treatment of components for our customers such as blasting, priming, painting, powder coating or galvanizing as pretreatment or protection.