Stahlkontor delivers everything from individual parts to long-term serial components in line with demand. CAD-supported nesting ensures the optimal use of material.

Laser-beam cutting

Stahlkontor has seven state-of-the-art CO2 laser machines, one of which is an ultra-large 3D laser processor with a power of 7000 watts. Some of the machines are equipped with 3D processing heads so that, in addition to 90° cutting (2D cutting), we can manufacture components with slanting edges/chamfers (2.5D cutting) or process spatially complex parts (3D cutting).

  • Size of the material used: up to 4500 x 12000 mm
  • Material thickness: up to 25 mm in laser-treatable grades of material (25 mm construction steel, 20 mm oxide-free stainless steel)

Water-jet cutting

The water-jet-cutting process offers a wide range of technological advantages. As it is a “cold” cutting process, it is particularly suited to the processing of heat-sensitive materials. In situations where conventional cutting methods have their limitations, water-jet cutting often offers a cost-effective and convenient technical alternative. We have a total of seven high-pressure water-jet cutting units for both pure-water and abrasive water-jet cutting. They have a pressure up to 6,200 bar. If needed, four cutting heads can be used in parallel. Extra axes in the cutting heads make it possible for us to carry out 90° cutting (2D treatment), chamfer cutting (2.5D) and spatial processes (3D).

  • Size of the material used: up to 5000 x 12000 mm and custom sizes above this
  • Material thickness: up to 200 mm, or more in borderline cases
  • Weight of individual sheets: up to 10 tons

Our 5-axis CNC-driven portal water-jet cutting machine is specially designed for the 3D cutting of large spatially complex parts. It can operate in a space of 1,500 x 5,000 x 6,000 mm max.

Contour milling

Contour milling is used for the production of blanks made of easily cut materials such as aluminum and plastics. A very fast-rotating end mill cutter (high-speed cutting) is used to separate the part from the plate-shaped primary material by means of a CNC-controlled trajectory (contour milling).

We process material of the following dimensions with our CNC-controlled HSC milling cutter. 

  • Size of the material used: up to 2,000 x 3,000 mm
  • Material thickness: up to 200 mm (aluminum/plastic)