From raw material to finished assembly

Services that are “tailored” to suit your needs

The core competences of Stahlkontor are spread across the three service areas of cutting, joining and cold forming. Laser-beam cutting, water-jet cutting and HSC contour milling are used for cutting according to the type and thickness of the raw material. A choice of laser-beam, laser-hybrid and inert-gas welding are available as joining technologies. For cold forming, Stahlkontor offers bending, compression molding and edging as available in-house processes.


Component and assembly production

With range of mechanical processing, welding processes and surface treatment available at Stahlkontor, it is possible to manufacture components and assemblies ready for installation and further processing. Even comprehensive testing procedures for quality assurance and possibilities for storage and commissioning for coordinated supply can be included in the range of services of your order.

Along with its own comprehensive range of capacities and processes, Stahlkontor is able to rely on a tried-and-tested network of specialist partner companies in order to increase flexibility and broaden its range of services in a number of the aforementioned service areas.