The train’s coming – with parts from Stahlkontor

Stahlkontor has been manufacturing components for rail vehicle construction since the 1990s. Major manufacturers of rolling stock place their confidence in our production expertise and value in particular the possibilities we offer for manufacturing both serial components as well as replacement parts.

On the basis of approved materials and production processes, Stahlkontor manufactures the widest possible range of components and assembly groups to customer specifications in its Rail corporate division.


During vehicle maintenance, our customers are often faced with the challenge of having to replace rolling stock parts for which insufficient documentation is available. In this case, we are happy to provide the necessary support using reverse engineering so that we can then produce the necessary parts according to the determined geometry.

Our comprehensive competence in laser hybrid welding puts us in a position to be able to manufacture sophisticated and exceptionally strong load-bearing profiles for our customers, representing an important element of rolling stock shell construction.

Together with our customers, we have been able to overcome a great deal of challenges to date, supplying among others articulated consoles, bulkhead panels, rear wall panels, floor panels and door I-beams.