Exceptional skills for exceptional challenges

At Stahlkontor, the manufacture of components for the widest variety of challenging industrial applications is grouped together in the Industry division. The individual sectors are just as varied as the materials being processed. The range here extends from standard construction steel to special materials and NE metals. Typical areas of use for the components manufactured to customer orders can be found in the sectors of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive engineering and industrial and façade construction.

In particular, our industrial customers value our welding skills. In this area, we manufacture complex welded assemblies and mechanical assembly modules which we supply direct to our customers’ production lines.


A project example: Stahlkontor manufactured more than 20,000 different panels for the outer cladding of the new five-star hotel InterContinental Davos which, upon mounting, wrapped themselves around the building structure in a wave-like form. With their hollow-box design and lengths of up to eleven meters, the façade elements are bent in two directions to provide an individual geometry in each case. 

Just one example of Stahlkontor’s expertise in being able to achieve, through cooperation, an individual solution even with complex components and production tasks. We look forward to discussing your exceptional ideas with you!