Association work

DWT - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wehrtechnik e.V.

Stahlkontor is a member of the group of sponsoring members of the association which was founded in 1957 with the support of the Armaments Department of the Federal Ministry of Defence (Bundesministerium Verteidigung / BMVg). DWT is active as non-profit association for precautionary state security measures for the Federal Republic of Germany. The objective is to promote knowledge of central topics of the security and defence policy, as well as defence and security technology and the defence industry.


BDLI - Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.

The BDLI (Federal Association of the German Aerospace Industry) represents the interest of the industrial sectors of civil aviation, equipment and materials, defence and security as well aerospace. By participating in specialist councils and committees of the respective ministerial departments and consultations in the German Bundestag, BDLI brings together all relevant industrial, technological and economic expertise of the German aviation and aerospace industry. With the ILA Berlin Air Show, BDLI has its own international platform and exhibition which is regarded as one of the most important trade fairs in this sector in the world.


MIN - Machining Innovations Network e.V.

In the course of its intensified network activities at the beginning of 2017, Stahlkontor joined the Machining Innovations Network (MIN) with its headquarters in Varel in Lower Saxony. MIN is a network for innovative machining technology. The objective of the assembly network members is the realization of innovative products and processes. The members join forces in order to achieve innovative products and processes.