Stahlkontor – the company

Gauged to precision – Equipped for the future

Components and assembly groups made of armored steel – in this case even excellently equipped metalworking plants generally have to capitulate. The material- and application-specific demands on cutting, milling, welding and cold-forming of high-strength tempered steel are too complex and extremely relevant for safety. Stahlkontor has specialized successfully in meeting precisely these special demands in the defence and aviation engineering sectors. 


Specialization in “special steels” had already begun in the late 1980s when innovative separation processes opened up new possibilities for cutting high-strength and high-hardness steels – back then Stahlkontor put its first laser and water-jet machines into operation. As of the 1990s, the company resolutely pursued a holistic orientation at the specific process- and safety-related demands of the defence and aviation sectors. Today, all main quality- and safety-relevant process stages are fully integrated and retraceable in order processing – from the production of pre-materials, via latest processing and joining technology to final inspection by customers and assessment reports by external inspection bodies.


From individual parts to ready-to-install assembly groups

Years of experience in materials and processes, an ultramodern fleet of machinery and the use of high-performance programming and construction software make Stahlkontor today one of the leading international, independent contract manufacturers. Accordingly, prestigious companies and institutions from the areas of Defence, Aviation, Industry and Rail count among the constantly growing number of demanding customers.


The flexible fleet of machinery – with the additional expansion of capacity by network companies – and the regular workforce of around 250 dedicated and highly qualified employees makes it possible to achieve economical and rapid order processing in the required volumes. In this way, Stahlkontor is able to integrate the production of special parts and prototypes in small series into the workflow with just as much ease as the regular supply of components in large series of more than 60,000 units per month. 

Stahlkontor’s service range extends from precision-engineered individual components to fully assembled component modules, e.g. for armored housing (safety cells), vehicle fronts, walls, roofs, hatches or hulls, including any planned additional protection (add-on-armor).


Investments in future technologies

Stahlkontor has all relevant approval and certificates for the defence sector and the production of aircraft parts. This includes various welding procedure qualifications and process tests based on relevant standards and customer-specific regulations. The introduction of laser hybrid welding technology represents an important field of innovation for the future. With the integration of this complex method into the process chain, customers benefit from the economic and qualitative advantages of a combination of laser welding and MIG/MAG process: the particularly advantageous deep welding effect and the high process speed of laser welding, combined with the excellent gap overlap and energy efficiency of MIG/MAG welding, in particular when working on thick panels.


Knowledge of sensitive process cycles

Despite all experience in materials and process-relate competence, knowledge of sensitive process cycles on the customer side is a deciding factor for the fastest and most economical route to a finished part. Whether it is customs formalities, retraceability, non-disclosure agreements, special inspections or international order handling – Stahlkontor is familiar with all of these processes and treats them with the appropriate discretion and utmost professionalism.